What is MO Lending Core?

MO Lending Core platform is a cutting-edge digital loan lifecycle management solution that revolutionizes loan operations by centralizing and digitizing every aspect of the process. Leveraging in-house proprietary technology, MO offers our partners a comprehensive and immersive solution, enabling them to centralize and digitize the heart of their loan operations.

Tailored to meet the specific needs of LATAM and US regions, our platform supports managing a diverse range of financial products, from simple loans to innovative BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) solutions.

MO Manage's patented internal technology empowers clients to centralize and digitize loan operations. The platform offers a unified interface to visualize and manage the entire loan lifecycle.

Why MO Lending Core?

MO Lending Core is highly configurable, with over 30 parameters that can be edited at the financial product level. Our clients can easily create a variety of loan products to fit their business needs.

MO Manage is a loan management system that is designed to be flexible and modular to support different use cases. It can support loan operations in both closed networks and in the open market. The solution has two main modules: origination and loan management (servicing), which cover the entire loan life cycle from end to end. These capabilities will be discussed in more depth in subsequent sections.

Offer loan products

MO provides loan servicing solutions, enabling you to provide loan products to your clients. After you set up MO's integration and start registering your clients, you have a range of services you can offer to improve your customers experience:

  • Installment loans
  • Buy Now Pay Later
  • Revolving loan

Key Features

Our solution is anchored on the loan Core, a robust system that processes data received through APIs based on loanoperation intricacies. This pivotal component seamlessly communicates with the MO Admin Portal.

MO Admin Portal

The MO Admin Portal is the primary interface for clients, offering the ability to:

  • Visualization: Gain access to detailed insights on loanoperations performance with varying levels of granularity. Clients can navigate through a comprehensive dashboard featuring critical KPIs and in-depth information on loans, clients, payments, etc.

  • Management: Effectively handle portfolio-related tasks, such as configuring products and offers, segmenting offers for specific user groups or Aggregators, and setting commission rates for BNPL operations, among other functionalities.

The diagram below provides a high-level illustration of how the solution operates, its components, and its interaction with different actors:

MO End-user Portal (Optional)

MO offers an optional yet complementary feature for developing white label End-user Portals. These portals can enable end users to easily navigate processes like onboarding, loan applications, and monitoring and payment of their loans (servicing). By adding this feature, MO ensures that the overall loan experience for users is digital in its entirety, which ultimately enhances portfolio management.