In the lending domain, operations are typically segmented into two key phases:

MO Lending Core is a post-origination solution covering the loan servicing phase. As a result, to take advantage of MO's solution, first, you need to perform the loan origination by yourself or through a third party.

Origination Phase

The loan approval process involves high-level tasks such as verifying borrower or business authenticity, assessing creditworthiness, and completing necessary formalities, including digital signatures. You need to be capable of performing these tasks to take advantage of MO's solution. Instead of building these processes internally, you can use third-party solutions to cover the entire origination phase.

Origination phase requirements

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Servicing Phase - MO Lending Core Solution

MO Credit Core is an essential solution for Loan Servicing in the lending industry. It plays a vital role as a comprehensive solution for managing and maintaining loans and credit offerings during the operational phase of financial services.

The first phase of integration with MO does not require you to have an origination solution up and running. Therefore, while you start your MO integration, you can perform the origination services integrations in parallel.

Servicing phase requirements

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